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Since my teens I have had an interest in self-development and understanding how humans can achieve their potential. During the 1990s, I realised that what I most wanted to do was help people use the information I was coming across, so to this end, I decided to become a coach: I work with people in achieving their potential in life, in sorting out life, career and personal issues.

What Can You Get Out of Coaching? There are a number of benefits that coaching clients typically get:

How Does Coaching Work? What I suggest to people is that we arrange a free introductory session, during which we discuss what issues you would like to work on, you experience how coaching works and some of the benefits and we work out how to proceede. From there, if you decide to continue, we would usually set up regular phone call sessions, of 3 half hours per month. During these, we do further work on the issues that come up and I may make requests that you spend time on some other activities that we agree would be of benefit.

I am an associate of Coach University, my training is with them and I use their materials in my coaching. Check their website for further information.

There are a variety of success products available and I recommend the following:
Coach Karl - Coaching & Success Products
I am putting together a resource list of books, cds and visual media that people will find useful

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