Licence Agreement


The Company: VidaTech Ltd.
Client: A company or individual potentially requiring the services of the Company.
Agency: A company or individual attempting to match the Company with a Client.

You are not authorised to change, store, copy or pass on this profile except under the conditions set out below.

The storage of this profile on any computer system or in any paper-based filing system for more than 5 days from the date of receipt is deemed to be acceptance of these terms.  Sending this document to any third party (with the exception of a Lawyer) is deemed acceptance of these terms.

Any Agency is hereby granted rights to distribute this profile under the following conditions:

  1. The Company is informed as to which prospective Client you wish to send the profile and you are then given verbal permission to do so.

  2. The profile may not be distributed to any company except a company offering contract work. i.e. it may not be distributed to any other Agency.

  3. The profile is the copyright of Coral Software Limited and may not be changed in any way when passing it to a prospective Client.

  4. The Company will negotiate in good faith. However, if the Agency is unable to agree a contract with the Company, but the Client is willing to enter into a contract either directly with the Company or via another Agency, then the original Agency will not try to prevent either the Company or Client from so doing, and agrees to waive any claim it might otherwise have had against either in relation to the introduction.

  5. The Company acknowledges that the contract should reflect the real facts of an engagement and should not be an artificial construct.

I agree to the conditions and want to download the profile now:  Agree & Download